Worship Orchestra

The Worship Orchestra is the musical backbone for our Sunday services. Encompassing a full range of band and orchestral instruments, the Worship Orchestra is the place for musicians to get involved with the Worship & Arts Ministry. At First Baptist Snellville, we believe that music is not just "back-up" for singing, but that the playing of instruments is an integral expression of praise to God, as is highlighted in Bible passages such as Psalm 150.  From week to week, the Worship Orchestra plays instrumental pieces for worship, as well as providing accompaniment for corporate singing. There is no audition required to join, and musicians who are in 8th grade or higher, and who have at least 3 years of experience with their instrument, are encouraged to be a part of this exciting ministry. To join the orchestra, simply come to one of our weekly rehearsals in the Orchestra Room on Wednesday at 6:30 PM.