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Contactless Check-in Instruction Video

The content of this video is the same as the text below.
These instructions apply to preschool and elementary check-in.

Contactless Check-in Instructions

1. Make sure that we have your mobile number at which you receive text messages in our system. If you have provided this information in the past, you are good to go. If you have ever received a text message from the church system then you know that we have your information. If you plan to use our express/contactless check-in and you aren’t sure, please email us and we’ll make sure your information is updated and set up correctly.

For Preschool:

For Elementary:

2. On Sunday and Wednesday night, or whenever you need to check in your child visit:

For ease of use you may want to bookmark or set up a short cut to this web address.

3. At the website in step 2 follow these steps:

  1. Click the green check-in button

  2. Click the green start button

  3. Type your last name into the search box

  4. Select your specific family

  5. Select the children you would like to check in by tapping on their name. The ones selected will be highlighted in green. These are the children being checked in. If you need to de-select a child simply tap them again and it should return to white and they will not be checked in.

  6. Click the next button at the bottom of the page

  7. You will be taken to a confirmation page which will tell you which children you have checked in and which parent will be receiving the QR code on their mobile phone. If more than one parent has a mobile number enabled in our system the QR code will be sent to all the mobile numbers. You may use whichever one that you want when you arrive at church. They are the same. This makes it easy for either parent to bring and check-in your children.

  8. You will be able to check-in on any device with an internet connection – computer, phone, or tablet, but for security the QR code must be sent to the mobile number of an adult on the child’s profile in our system.

Please note: Although you have checked in remotely, your child’s spot will not be guaranteed until the QR code is scanned for their nametag upon arrival.

4. When you arrive at your child’s area, you will go through our health screening station where we will take your temperature and your child’s temperature and ask you our health screening questions. Remember that everyone age three and up is required to wear a mask. Don’t fret if you forget. We are happy to provide one.

5. Once you pass the health screening, you will go to the express/contactless check-in station. The iPad at that station will be set up to scan the QR code that you received on your phone. Scan the code. The iPad will display a confirmation page showing which children were just checked in and the printer will print your tags.

If your child is in preschool, you will receive 3 tags:

  1. Place the first name tag on your child’s back

  2. Keep the second security tag for pick-up

  3. Use the third tag to label your diaper bag or Ziploc bag.

Remember that we are encouraging you to bring as few items as possible. Please place these minimal items into a Ziploc bag which we will provide.

If you child is in elementary, you will receive 2 tags:

  1. Place the first name tag on your child’s shirt

  2. Keep the second security tag for pick-up

6. Clean your hands and your child’s hands at the hand sanitizer station. Then head to your child’s classroom. You have successfully checked in.

We hope to see you soon!

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