About Us

Live for God.

Exist for Others.


In Matthew 22:37, Jesus is asked what is the most important command. He answers to love God with heart, soul, and mind but added that the second most important command was to love your neighbor as yourself. Here at First Baptist we want to be a church who lives for God every day in such a way that others will know that we love Jesus with our whole being and love our neighbors like we love ourselves. We know God has created us for this time and in this world to live for Him and His glory. As a church we want our lives to show the awesomeness of God and help others discover His unfailing love, grace, and forgiveness. 


 Core Values

The core values of our church serve as a description of what we believe the Bible calls us to be and to do as followers of Jesus. They help unify us as a church and give us direction and focus in living for God. 

We follow Jesus. 


We believe the Bible. 


We grow in groups. 


We give generously


We invest in others.